Welcome to Orion Information Professionals

Orion. (It’s pronounced O’Ryan, like the constellation.) You might have known us as Providence Network Partners when we entered the IT problem-solving arena in 2003. With Tony Pelliccio at the helm, we moved to the Orion banner where our constellation shines bright in the IT market.

With two decades of experience in the always evolving IT world means the Orion team know how to maximize your IT infrastructure, keeping budget in mind.

Today, the team creates and implements large scale databases, web services, network design, telecommunication design and support, as well as systems support spanning everything from Windows to Linux to older minicomputers such as DEC VAX and Data General Eclipse.

Call us to see if we can help … or just to talk about your latest technology challenge, feat or question. Look for more about Orion as we expand our website. Coming soon.

You can reach us at (617)-502-0360 or email